Alien: Isolation sales pass 1m units

Creative Assembly and Sega’s sci-fi survival horror title Alien: Isolation has now sold over 1m copies.

The game was released in October last year to much critical acclaim.

It should be noted, however, that Sega’s Aliens: Colonial Marines – which was critically panned – sold 1.31m units in just under seven weeks following its release in February 2013.

It has been fantastic to watch the reviews come in and read of the reactions of players, hidden in the bowels of Sevastopol Station, terrified to make the next move,” creative lead Alistair Hope said.

We set out to make the Alien game we had always wanted to play and from these figures it seems we also succeeded in making the Alien game another million wanted to play. We hope many more gamers enjoy Alien: Isolation in 2015.”

UPDATE: Sega has told Videogamer that the Aliens: Colonial Marines 1.31m figure represents shipped units, whereas Isolation’s 1m figure represents actual sales.

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