Amazon trims PS4 Slim and Xbox One S to £224

Could another Christmas hardware price war be in the offing?

Sony’s now available slimmed down 500GB PS4 has an RRP of 259. Microsoft’s 500GB Xbox One S, meanwhile, has an RRP of 249. Both, however, can already be had for a lot less than that.

As spotted by Videogamer, both machines are currently available for just 224 on Amazon (PS4 here, Xbox here). The PS4 is in stock right now whereas the Xbox One, which includes FIFA 17, will be released on September 22nd.

Could this be a sign of a new race to the bottom, much like the one that has characterised the next-gen hardware scene for some time now?

In the run up to Christmas 2014, both console saw prices plummet far below RRP. This continued through 2015 and was described as a UK-specific phenomenon by GameStop.

Are sub-200 next-gen consoles a realistic expectation in the UK this Christmas? Sony, certainly, may find that it needs to shave a little off the price of the Slim with the 350 PS4 Pro on the horizon.

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