Epic Games' engine used to build new game Grimm

American McGee becomes Unreal licensee

The developer of American’ McGee’s latest game, Grimm, is building the title with Unreal Engine 3.

Shanghai-based outfit Spicy Horse will use the engine for a number of products. Grimm is its first game, and is an original title headed for GameTap’s digital distribution service.

“Unreal Engine 3 has given our team the tools they need to express their creativity in a rapid and predictable way,” said American McGee, creative director of Spicy Horse (pictured).

“Working with the great people at Epic Games China allows us capture rapidly expanding business and creative opportunities in Chinese and global gaming.”

Paul Meegan, CEO of Epic Games China added: “We’re very happy to be working with American McGee and his team at Spicy Horse. American has a reputation for being highly creative, and his is one of the first independent teams to make games for the global marketplace entirely in China. We look forward to the next Alice.”

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