Share valuations now peg Apple as the most valuable tech firm in the world

Apple usurps Microsoft’s reign as tech leader

Today marked a significant moment in the evolution of the consumer technology industry, as Apple overtook Microsoft as the world’s largest tech company.

Fluctuations in share price value mean that Apple is now valued at $222 billion, while Microsoft is today worth $219 billion.

However, as reported by the BBC, Microsoft can still boast of higher profits than the company behind the iPod, Macbook and iPad. Microsoft’s most recent annual net profit totaled $14.6 billion, some way ahead of Apple’s $5.7 billion.

While Microsoft’s offerings have traditionally been the dominant operating system used by consumers, Apple in fact trumped Bill Gate’s company back in 1989, when a wealth of tech firms were striving to make their operating systems – such as Spectrum, Commodore, Apricot and Acorn – the dominant force.

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