Are we allowed to say that the Xbox Onesie is pretty cool?

The Australian arm of Microsoft has taken its first steps into the world of fashion in the form of the Xbox Onesie.

Rather than simply buying an OEM garment and slapping a logo on it, Xbox has actually incorporated what it believes are some sensible design decisions that could aid the general lounging needs of the average gamer.

For instance, it has pockets large enough to carry and Xbox One controller, and it has an arm pouch designed to house a smartphone. It also has a hood large enough to accommodate bulky headphones. And it can have a custom gamertag embroided onto the chest.

It comes in black or white, but doesn’t yet have a price or release date. And it looks proper comfy, admit it.

Now, after the Onesie was announced we saw what can best be described as a wee hint of snark on our feeds. Obviously that in itself was a huge shock for us as we would NEVER be cynical or snarky.

But while such marketing gimmicks can sometimes leave a bit of a sour taste – and gamers are more accustomed than most to having that taste shoved down their throats – MCV’s entirely unscientific survey (which involved asking our wives, children and parents about it, all of whom are normal human beings who don’t spend their days reading about video games on the internet) turned up some really favourable results.

In other words, they liked it and wanted to know where they could buy one. So we’ll be ordering a couple, we reckon. Probably in black so we can also pretend to be ninjas.

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