Ark: Survival Evolved and Tekken among over 50 titles set for PlayStation VR

If you were worried that Sony’s virtual reality headset would be launching without any games, your fears appear to be unfounded.

PlayStation VR (nee Project Morpheus) will hit retail in the first half of 2016, according to the platform holder, and will have a cost comparable to that of a new platform.

But those seem like minor details compared to the biggest question looming over the hardware – will there actually be anything worth playing on it?

Well, the good folks on Reddit’s PlayStation VR forum have drawn up a comprehensive list of every title confirmed for the nascent platform – of which there are over 50. (Thanks, VG247.)

That includes already-released big hitters that will be ported to VR, including Ark: Survival Evolved, DriveClub, Tekken 7 and Final Fantasy XIV.

It also counts games designed especially for virtual reality, such as The London Heist and Robinson: The Journey.

There are also spin-offs of existing brands set to make their VR debut – Until Dawn: Rush of Blood and EVE: Valkyrie among them.

Take a look at the full list, which includes available trailers for each game, here.

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