Gonzo Rosso buyout seen as part of Atlus' new push into the oniine markets

Atlus acquires online distributor

Persona 4 developer Atlus could be embarking on a new pan-Asian online distribution business after it was discovered that the group has purchased a controlling equity stake of online game publisher Gonzo Rosso.

Tokyo-based Gonzo Rosso has in the past published a number of MMOs across the Asian market, such as Izumi Project’s Pandora Saga, and has offices in Malaysia and Taiwan.

However, as cited in a Siliconera report, Gonzo Rosso’s parent company GDH was recently de-listed from the Tokyo Stock Exchange following financial problems, and subsequently divested its interest in Gonzo Rosso.

Now Gonzo Rosso stands as a subsidiary of Atlus, with the move seen as part of Atlus’ wider aim to expand into the Asian market.

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