AUS: PSPgo sells 25,000

The PS3 may be on a seemingly unstoppable upwards sales trend right now, but turn your attention to PSPgo and it’s a completely different story.

Concrete sales numbers are hard to come by, but solid numbers for Australia have been published showing that since its launch in October the digital-only handheld has sold just 25k units in the country, GameSpot reports.

In an effort to defend the device, SCE Australia boss Michael Ephraim stated: The handheld space is very crowded and we have to keep in mind that the PSPgo was the first device of its kind to launch without packaged goods.”

He added that, much like in the UK, the company hopes to help drive sales of the device with a host of new promotions.

It’s all good news for PS3, however, which to date has sold 850k units in the territory and it hopes to reach the 1m sales mark by the end of the year. Both Xbox 360 and Wii have passed the 1m mark in the territory.

We’ve done pretty well considering we launched in March 2007, about a year after the Xbox 360,” Ephraim added. He also clarified that 150k of PS3’s total sales came from a promotion that saw the console given away free with some Bravia TVs.

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