AUSTRALIA: Necrovision denied retail release

1C’s upcoming WWII first person shooter Necrovision will not be released in Australia after the country’s Classification Board refused to grant it a certificate.

GameSpot reports that excessive violence was named as the determining factor. With Australia still lacking an 18+ age rating for games, 1C’s title was deemed to brutal for the current highest certificate available – 15+.

A statement read: When the player shoots an enemy combatant, a large volume of blood spray results and the enemy may be dismembered or decapitated.

Injury detail is high with pieces of flesh seen flying from bodies when shot or a high level of wound detail visible on bodies. Post mortem damage occurs when bodies are shot resulting in blood spray, dismemberment and decapitation.”

The Board has previously resisted pressure to introduce a higher tier rating for games due to fears of the potential harmful effects of interactive violence on minors.

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