Avatar Kinect available now

Microsoft has released its camera-enabled Avatar Kinect software for download on Xbox Live.

It can be had for free right now through Microsoft’s Kinect Fun Labs suite and is a 659MB download.

The software would normally be reserved exclusively for Xbox Live Gold members, but until September 8th it will also be available to Silver users of the service.

It allows up to 24 users to chat via their Avatars, with animations that match their actual expressions and movements. These get-togethers can be placed over a number of themed environments.

"Express yourself with your Xbox avatar," a Microsoft read. "See your facial expressions and gestures on your Xbox avatar as you chat with friends in our 3D stages and produce your own TV shows.
"The Kinect sensor can record your session with a producer’s editorial eye, following your performance, zooming and panning, just like a real TV production.

Share your video recording with friends by uploading it to KinectShare.com and downloading it to your computer, and from there, posting it to your favourite social networking sites, like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and more."

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