Developers to continue work on 2D fighter under the new name Lab Zero Games

Axed Skullgirls team form new studio

The developers behind Skullgirls have been laid off from their positions at Reverge Labs, only to reform as a new studio in effort to continue work on the downloadable fighting game.

Dubbed Lab Zero Games, the new studio plans to keep up its work on the 2D fighter. It has the full support of the title’s publisher Autumn Games, who will work with the new studio on future development and merchandise.

The change in studios has resulted in a delay of the PC port and an indefinite delay on the release of character DLC for the game.

"Don’t take this as a sign that we’ve given up," Lab Zero wrote on its new website. "We haven’t, and are doing everything in our power and then some to resume work on these as soon as possible.

"Even though this change was largely out of our control, the Skullgirls team still sincerely apologizes for the delays and lack of information in recent months."

Skullgirls launched on XBLA and PSN earlier this year.

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