The Butterflyers talk-up experience testing with target audiences, no matter their age

Bafta winners discuss the value of kidsâ?? feedback

Recently BAFTA-honoured student studio The Butterflyers have been busy of late.

Amoung picking up their ‘Ones to Watch’ award in London, they were also the winning team of Dare to be Digital’s 2009 competition.

Speaking exclusively to Develop, team leader Vykintas Kazdailis said that a good deal of their success was the result of thorough and extensive experience testing with children.

“We had them round during development and to see them playing the game and laughing was great. It was hugely helpful to the process as well,” he said.

“We realised how important it is to take reactions and children’s coordination skills into account. They struggled with a keyboard and mouse, for example. It was clear that using a controller was very important for them.”

The full interview can be read here.

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