Balance Board to bolster Super Monkey Ball

Super Monkey Ball: Step & Roll will expand the fanbase for its long-running arcade-style puzzle franchise, thanks to Balance Board compatibility.

That’s according to Sega, which is holding high hopes for the upcoming Wii title, due for release on February 12th.
The firm believes the device’s accessibility will introduce the series to a whole new audience.

This is the first time any game in the series has utilised the Balance Board, which opens up a whole new way to play,” Sega PR and marketing exec Kate Billingham told MCV.

It’s going to broaden the reach of Super Monkey Ball games even further, and that can only be a good thing.”

The previous Super Monkey Ball released on Wii, Banana Blitz, sold through over 250,000 units, and Sega is hoping to top this with Step & Roll. To help boost the game further, the company has drawn up a targeted marketing push.

The majority of the campaign will be aimed at children, such as a partnership with popular kids’ site, Bin Weevils, which will host treasure hunts and launch parties.

There will also be contests, puzzles and ads in kids’ print press, as well as community-dedicated challenges targeting veteran fans through YouTube, MySpace and Facebook.

We think Step & Roll is the most accessible title yet,” added Billingham. The Balance Board element fits perfectly with the rolling gameplay mechanic and really brings the collection of puzzles to life.

Super Monkey Ball has a strong heritage, and with every title the quality just gets better. If you’re a fan or a newcomer, there’s something to suit you.”

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