Bandai Namco officially confirms Power Rangers game

There will be a tie-in game arriving alongside next year’s Power Ranger movie reboot.

As leaked last week, Bandai Namco is publishing Saban’s Mighty Morphin Power Ranger: Mega Battle. The ‘Saban’ part of that title refers to the return of the series’ creator Haim Saban, who is producing the new Hollywood take on the cult franchise.

As opposed to the film, which as of the most recent trailer appears to be reasonably dark and gritty in its approach to the famously colourful and flamboyant brand, the game is more in keeping with the Rangers’ roots, offering a comic-like style and retro 2D side-scrolling combat.

It’s also directly fashioned on actual episodes from the first couple of TV series. Weapon combat will be joined by the trademark Megazords and combined-mode power attacks.

The game is due out on PS4 and Xbox One in January 2017, a couple of months ahead of the film.

Here’s a trailer:

And here’s the latest movie trailer:

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