Bat’s Entertainment

Like many, I spent much of my weekend playing through what is a truly excellent game (75 per cent complete so far, thanks). There are a lot of things I love about the title, and don’t think the whisperings that this is already a ‘Game of the Year’ contender are far off the mark.

But the key thing that sticks with me most is that this is a home-grown success. And not because of Brit publisher Eidos.

The developer, London-based Rocksteady, has thrown a load of games industry conventional thinking off kilter with this release, which is only its second game.

Namely: Assertions about the quality of licensed content and even the health, creativity and commercial nous of UK games development.

And as an independent that team just became one of the hottest studios in the country.

Let the bidding for its next project (or, indeed, the whole company) commence…

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