Stats revealed for EA's free-to-play experiment reveal 1.5 million users

Battlefield Heroes rakes in $20 per ‘buyer’

The mechanics of free-to-play online gaming is an inexact science – but clearly EA is doing something right.

According to stats revealed by the publisher to IGN, Battlefield Heroes – its first foray into free-to-play microtransaction gaming – is currently taking in $20 per paying user on average.

The most popular items purchased by players are vanity costume items, making up 76 per cent of all transactions. Temporary bonuses account for 19 per cent, while emotes make up the remaining five per cent of purchases.

The game apparently has 1.5 million users, spread across 133 countries; with the highest concentration in the US, Germany, UK, the Netherlands and France. Quite how many of these 1.5 million users are ‘paying’ hasn’t been revealed.

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