BBC readies multiple Doctor Who games

BBC Worldwide has told MCV that talks are underway to turn Doctor Who into an array of new games.

Last week the broadcaster exclusively revealed via MCV that it plans to re-enter games – after killing off its BBC Multimedia division in 2005.

As part of the move, a variety of licensing deals for key BBC IPs are in the offing, with the BBC finally releasing its grip on the coveted Doctor Who licence.

Until now, the BBC has held off making a game based on the popular TV show, only allowing Eidos to release Top Trumps: Doctor Who in 2008. But that’s set to change.

We’re having a lot of interesting discussions for a variety of ideas around Doctor Who that are complementary to each rather than in competition with each other – boxed product console games, virtual worlds and other experiences,” explained Dave Anderson, head of multimedia development at BBC Worldwide.

The deals we are looking at are in different spaces, probably looking at overlapping but different audiences and are certainly delivering a different kind of experience.

The Doctor Who audience who love that show want to have different experiences around it and it has a huge shelf life going back 47 years – it’s about managing and satisfying expectations of both older and younger audiences.”

To learn more about BBC Worldwide’s new games push, head back to the site on Monday for MCV’s exclusive interview.

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