Becks to boost EAs fitness dream

EA wants to turn Sports Active 2 into a major global fitness sensation – and has David Beckham on board to achieve that goal.

The publisher has told MCV that it is broadening the franchise’s reach by launching the title on multiple platforms and combining it with a marketing campaign featuring England’s football legend.

Speaking at the EA Play 4 Xmas event last week, EA Sports product manager Alice Brandvik said: It’s a triple-A title for us in the run-up to Christmas so we’ll have a huge marketing spend around it.

We’ll be doing what you’d expect – plenty of advertising on TV, online, in print, at retail and outdoor. Our partnership with Beckham means he’ll be involved in that.

As the spokesperson for us, he’ll be doing some PR for us and will be involved in all the marketing activity. Having someone like Beckham who is at the pinnacle of fitness, with an aspiring figure, is really going to help us broaden the reach for EA Sports Active 2.”

Becks has also worked with EA in the development process of Sports Active 2, which is due for release on November 19th for Xbox 360 Kinect, PS3, Wii and iPhone.

The fitness title comes bundled with a heart rate monitor that gives the user constant feedback to help gauge workouts. It features 70 different exercises, an in-game personal trainer, a nine-week challenge plan and a virtual journal which allows players to keep track of their workout progress over time.

EA Sports Active 2 has an RRP of 79.99 across all platform SKUs. The PS3 version will not require Move to work.

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