Bethesda makes it harder to rip off Fallout 4 mods on consoles

A Steam-linked account is now required to upload Fallout 4 mods onto Bethesda’s website.

The publisher has faced a bit of a problem since mod support was introduced to the Xbox One version of the RPG, with some users taking mods created by others and available on sites such as Nexus and them simply uploading them without permission or credit.

Bethesda had introduced a process through which the original creators could issue a DMCA copyright takedown request, but adding the requirement for users to have a linked Steam account removes the unaccountability and will, hopefully, further curtail the activity.

Mod support for PS4 is incoming, but a technical obstacle appears to have popped up – currently PS4 mods are limited to a maximum size of 900MB, Eurogamer reports.

Bethesda says it is working on the issue with Sony, although that isn’t the only problem. The use of PC textures in some mods is leading to memory and performance issues, while sound files are not supported at all as PS4 uses its own proprietary format.

Bethesda still says PS4 mod support is close to read”, but how serious these issues are remains to be seen.

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