Bethesda not keen on Skyrim or Fallout movie adaptations

It doesn’t sound as if Bethesda will be following the likes of Ubisoft, Activision and Sony into the movie sector.

Speaking to Finder, Bethesda’s PR and marketing VP Pete Hines was asked about the possibility of turning IP such as Elder Scrolls, Fallout or Dishonored into motion pictures.

We get asked to all the time, but the short version is; we make games. That’s what we are known for,” he explained.

And this conversation usually falls into the camp of; are we going to let some other person do their own interpretation of what Fallout is, or Elder Scrolls is, or Dishonored is? Or are we going to hold onto it and let the developers be the only ones that are able to say, ‘this is what Fallout is, or Elder Scrolls, or Wolfenstein, or whatever?’ So we want our developers to decide what our franchises are about and not a movie director, or producer or studio.

Even when they say, ‘oh no, you will have total control,’ well, I don’t know anybody who actually has total control over the film adaptation of their video game. If you did, why would you not just make it yourself? Of course the film studio and the scriptwriter and the director are going to have a tonne of say. They will have their own vision.”

There’s an exception to every rule, however.

I think if Peter Jackson turned up at Todd Howard’s office and said, ‘I want to do Elder Scrolls,’ well that would be a pretty serious conversation you would have to listen to," Hines added. "But I think Peter is probably pretty busy (laughs). So I don’t see us any time soon looking at movies.”

A Peter Jackson directed Skyrim film? Yeah, we’d be down with that.

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