Bethesda reveals new IP Dishonored

Publisher Bethesda has lifted the lid on a brand new project that it hopes will appeal to gamers jaded by the onslaught of high-adrenaline titles that characterise the modern market.

The game, called Dishonored, has been revealed by US mag GameInformer.

Described as "the antithesis of a edge-of-your-seat roller-coaster ride", it is being developed by Arkane Studio whose former titles include Dark Messiah of Might & Magic. The developer’s intention is to "shatter the mold that first-person action games have built for themselves in the mainstream".

Deus Ex co-creator Harvey Smith is working as co-creative director on the project alongside Arkane founder Raf Colantonio. Also on board is Viktor Antonov, one of the key designers of Half-Life 2’s City 17.

Players will assume the role of an assassin, though its open-ended gameplay will also offer the option to pursue a murder-less path.

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