Bethesda upping Fallout 4 Season Pass price

The price of Fallout 4’s Season Pass will jump by 60 per cent at the start of next month.

Bethesda has announced that the current price of 24.99 will stay in place until March 1st, when it will then be changed to 39.99.

This is due to the fact that the publisher has expanded its DLC plans for the title. However, current Season Pass owners and those who buy before the price increase will still gain access to the full line-up of content.

Three bits of DLC have been confirmed so far. Automatron, due out in March, introduces new robotic enemies and modding options. That will cost 7.99. April will see the release of Wasteland Workshop. Costing 3.99, it offers the chance to capture enemy beasts and then either tame them or set them against one another in some sort of cage match.

May brings with it the biggest release – the 19.99 Far Harbour. This offers a whole new adventure based around the Valentine’s Detective Agency that’s set on a new island.

In addition to this, another $20+ worth of content is promised later in the year.

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