Big names enthuse about Natal

Having named a number of the industry’s big players who are currently hard at work on Natal-centric titles, Microsoft has also provided a platform for some of the publishing world’s most important execs to heap praise on its new technology.

Project Natal could fundamentally change the way players experience sports games,” EA Sports president Peter Moore stated.

At EA, some of our top development teams are experimenting with these tools with the goal of delivering a completely fresh take on genres like sports and racing.”

Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot added: Ubisoft sees enormous opportunities with Project Natal. With the 3D camera, your body can become the interface. Any barrier related to the use of pad controllers that may have existed for potential gamers is now abolished.

Ubisoft is already taking advantage of this major evolution to design new types of gaming experiences and attract more people to play video games.”

There were also kind words from further afield.

I strongly feel that Project Natal will expand the possibilities of gaming,” Capcom’s R&D boss Keiji Inafune explained. It’s yet another component that adds to the appeal of Xbox 360 and demonstrates to users the broad level of entertainment it provides.

Personally, I too am extremely excited about Project Natal. It’s really going to stir up our creative spirits. I think it’s going to bring new ways to play and new surprises to Xbox 360 fans and help further the development of completely original content. Project Natal is definitely something people should look out for.”

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