Bizarre makes Project Gotham pledge

Its official release date currently stands as September, but Project Gotham Racing 4 developer Bizarre Creations has vowed that it won’t release its racer until it is completely finished – something it admits it cannot say about the first 360 release for the franchise.

Speaking to Eurogamer, Bizarre’s business director Brian Woolhouse stated: With PGR3 we just ran out of time. Last time round, we feel like we got the game ripped away from us. It looked great, but we struggled a little bit to commit time at the end to really balance the game properly. We were disappointed with that.

With PGR2 we probably got it right. With PGR1 we rushed it out as well. PGR3, you know, it was a launch title so we were under enormous pressure. We feel like we’ve got more time on PGR4. This one, we’re not letting go ’til it’s done.

Following on from that, we’ve totally changed our development mentality. With a launch title, you’ve constantly got this issue with difficulty with the hardware and not getting the game up and running early enough.”

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