Black Ops multiplayer problems persist

Some PS3 owners are reportedly still experiencing problems with the online component of Call of Duty: Black Ops despite the release of a patch that was supposed to address the concerns.

Complaints include the inability to connect to any online games and being frequently kicked from games once finally online. There are also reports of glitches when migrating hosts and NAT complications.

Some Xbox 360 users are also claiming to be affected.

CVG reports that members of both the game’s official forums and the PlayStation forums are claiming that there’s been no improvement following the installation of the patch, with some even claiming that things have got worse.

Treyarch’s multiplayer lead designer David Vonderhaar added on Twitter that the developer has also issued a PS3 hotfix that it hopes might alleviate the problems.

However, it’s likely that the patch has prompted an increase in traffic which could well be responsible for many of the issues. The true scale of the situation is unlikely to be known for a few days.

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