Game developers team up for charity

Blaze Jam supports wildfire victims

A game jam and auction to benefit victims of the Waldo Canyon Fire that destroyed 346 homes in Colorado Springs on June 26, 2012 is set to raise $5,000 for charities.

The 48 hour Blaze Jam will kick off on Friday, July 6 at 6 PM at Uncubed in downtown Denver, Col. and will run until 6 PM Sunday.

The auction of games memorabilia will run online from the 7th-14th of July.

The event, organized by Cerulean Games, will offer supporters a bundled package of all games created during the event for a lowly $5.

"We may not be fire fighters, but there is a lot we can still do,” said Dave Calabrese, CEO of Cerulean Games.

“Colorado is my home, and I’m watching it burn to the ground. Thousands of people are being left stranded, and the fire has already cost an estimated $11.1 million. My company is stepping up to the plate to do our part and earn money to help as many people as we can to recover from this tragedy.”

Sos Sosowski (developer of McPixel), Fresh Aces Videogames, Glass Bottom Games, Blind Fury
Studios, Femto Kitten Games, Synaptic Switch and more have pledged to make videogames for the fundraiser.

All proceeds will go to Pikes Peak American Red Cross and the Care and Share Food Bank for Southern Colorado.

“We need developers to join this to make it as successful as it can be," said Calabrese.

"Whether you are just one person who wants to make your own game in a basement, or an entire team who wants to show your skills, everyone is welcome to join. Even artists, sound engineers,
community managers, everyone – this is a fast paced effort to earn funds as fast as possible, and we need all the help we can get.”

For more information about BlazeJam 2012, please visit the website, follow on Facebook or Twitter, or send an e-mail.

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