Blizzard will overhaul competitive Heroes of the Storm in 2017

Blizzard is overhauling the pro side of Heroes of the Storm by introducing online regional leagues in 2017.

North America, Europe, China and Korea will each have a region specific league in 2017, with teams competing in regular matches on a consistent schedule and with top quality broadcasts.

The top eight teams from each region will compete in the league, with all players being contracted, making sure they will be able to compete as full time professionals. Of course to keep things fresh relegation will feature in the leagues, with the top teams from the new Blizzard sponsored Open Division getting a shot at the big leagues twice a year.

Outside of the main regions teams will be able to qualify for three international events in 2017, which will feature the top teams from each league and qualifiers from other areas of the globe such as Taiwan, South East Asia, Latin America, and Australia/New Zealand.

More information on the new structure is expected at Blizzcon in early November, shortly after which the qualifiers for the new leagues will start.

This move should help revitalise the Heroes of the Storm pro scene, after a disappointing year. Despite a strong start many major eSports organisations have dropped teams with only a few still being involved.

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