Blockbuster expectations for Tron

Tron Evolution will be just as successful as its cinematic counterpart, says Disney Interactive.

The publisher is confident that the video game prequel to the upcoming movie Tron Legacy will be a big hit with fans and film buffs alike this Christmas.

The game depicts the events leading up to sci-fi sequel Legacy, which follows on from the 1982 cult sci-fi classic Tron. The game is heading to Xbox 360, PS3, DS and PSP on November 26th – three weeks ahead of the film.

It will also be supported as part of a cross-company marketing plan.

Disney’s UK marketing manager Steve Woodward told MCV: We strongly believe that the uniqueness of Tron as a property and the level of support and promotional activity from Disney will elevate the game.”

Tron Evolution also boasts voice talent from several of the film’s actors.

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