Blood and Truth – Is this the big PS VR exclusive we’ve been waiting for?

Coming out of Sony’s London Studio is Blood and Truth, with the title just being revealed at Sony’s Paris Games Week Press Conference. While Sony’s support for its VR headset has been admirable, it’s arguably lacked the kind of tentpole titles that get non-VR enthusiasts to splash out cash on a headset. Blood and Truth looks to be that title.

Stuart Whyte, the game’s director spoke on stream after the event. Saying that "PS VR has just hit its first birthday and seen some amazing games, but for us Blood and Truth shows what’s coming next, these bigger blockbuster titles, that really push the boundaries of what it is to be in VR."

The team worked on launch title VR Worlds, and the experience they gained there on the ‘London Heist’ section of the collection was the basis for this larger experience: "’London Heist was our love letter to cockney gangster movies, but that was very much a demo, we want to dial it up to 11," said colleague Iain Wright, design director.

The team promises that players will be able to "Immerse yourself in action movie like never before." And it look sot be true with far-increased mobility for the VR title, you’ll be able to move shoot, dual wield, crawl through vents and more, plus "Dodging and peeking around corners."

You can watch the trailer for the game here

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