Borderlands boasts best DLC attach rate this generation

2K Games’ action RPG Borderlands has the highest DLC attach rate of any game this generation.

That’s according to Gearbox boss Randy Pitchford, who was speaking to the press as the hype builds for the upcoming Borderlands 2.

It had the highest attach rate of any DLC,” he told CVG. The highest attach rate of anything this generation. The guys at Microsoft told us that the Borderlands had the highest attach rate of any DLC.

When people love something, they tend to love it a lot. And I’m really gratified by that more than anything else. It’s what makes us fight the good fight. You kill yourself. You work day and night. You put your soul into something, and you hope that the outcome is that people will like what you’ve created.

When you find out that happened, it makes you want to work harder. So with Borderlands 2 there was incredible passion and momentum behind it.”

Check out this week’s MCV to find out why Gearbox’s Randy Pitchford believes Borderlands 2 could be a Top Five game of 2012.

A full interview with Pitchford will be published in next week’s issue on Friday, July 20th.

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