Brand Map: 65% of SingStar players are female

A 65 per cent majority of the total gaming hours logged in SingStar are made up by females, compared to a share of 28 per cent for the average game.

With a little bit of something for every musical taste, SingStar has remained a popular party series from its 2004 PS2 debut to the latest SingStore download service update this year.

GameVision asked 6,744 gamers about SingStar, of whom 1,261 have played the game in the last six months. Of these, it sought more detail from 492 gamers.

The game’s emotional and social benefits are its most enjoyed aspects, with 65 per cent of those who play saying it makes me laugh” and 42 per cent giving playing at parties” as a key motivation. Both of these factors rank higher than the average game.Beating my friends” and being creative” scored higher than the average game, with 34 per cent and 27 per cent of users respectively listing these as top reasons for playing SingStar.

Spanish and German gamers show the highest play rates at 24 per cent and 22 per cent respectively. Despite the game originally being an English-only title, the UK comes in at third with 14 per cent, tied with Italy.

Females aged 10 to 14 years old are the strongest market for this game, with 18 per cent playing SingStar compared to males in the same age group (11 per cent).

The surprise in the figures comes from the 30 to 34 age demographic where men are playing more than women (11 per cent of males versus five per cent of females).

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