Brand Map: 71% play MGS on PlayStation consoles

Almost three quarters of all Metal Gear Solid gamers play the titles on the PlayStation family of consoles.

Last month the Metal Gear Solid franchise went into three dimensions with Metal Gear Solid: Snake Eater 3D.The series receives consistently high praise and celebrates its 25th birthday this year. This week we look at the franchise using the GameVision brand map.

We asked 6,756 gamers about Metal Gear Solid, 738 of which played the game in the last six months. We sought further details from 263 of these gamers.

The brand is most played in Italy (13 per cent), followed by Spain (11 per cent). The audience is predominantly male (78 per cent). A third of players are males aged 10 to 19. Among females, only six per cent of the 15 to 19 age group play MGS. Other female age demographics all fall below play rates of the average game

The Metal Gear Solid brand is one of Konami’s key franchises. It’s most played on PlayStation consoles, which collectively make up almost three quarters (71 per cent) of the total play across all platforms, despite various ports and conversions throughout the brand’s life.

The most enjoyed aspects of MGS are Involvement in a story,” (41 per cent), Fighting and combat” (31 per cent) and Speed and concentration” (21 per cent). Although further down the list, Violence” is also a notable feature as its rating comes in at nearly twice that of the average game.

Overall enjoyment of the game rates higher than average with scores of eight to ten out of ten. 51 per cent of players rated the games in this range. This would appear consistent with the high review scores received over the series’ lifetime.

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