Brand Map: Football games

Time to start gearing up for the latest annual Q4 football game showdown between Electronic Arts and Konami.FIFA 12 versus Pro Evolution Soccer 2012.

It seems that despite treading on each other’s toes, there are some clear differentiations growing between these two old rivals. In developing the Brand Maps GameVision has conducted more than 500 online interviews with players of each title and asked them really what they get out of each game.

See below for the results in graph form. PES stands out as the title that best delivers competition against friends. FIFA is favoured more for team play. Both offer the satisfaction of a challenging learning curve required to master the tricks and skills.But beyond that, FIFA seems to deliver just that little bit more of most things; a requirement for fast reactions and concentration to play well; a chance to create and develop their own footballing player and more.

Perhaps this added sense of realism will give FIFA the bragging rights this year?

The fullBrand Map for FIFAandPES– and other leading games franchises – are now available

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