Brand Map: Gran Turismo

This week we’re going to look at Gran Turismo using the GameVision Brand Map you can buy direct from MCV Reports.

We ask European gamers about their time spent with 200 different titles twice a year and compile the data they give us into a report we call a Brand Map. We also take the average of these results to compare each title to an ‘average game’.

We asked 6,795 gamers about Gran Turismo, of whom 1,345 had played the game in the last six months. Gran Turismo has a higher ratio of male to female gamers than the average game: 75 per cent of players are male. A ‘player’ refers to anyone who has played it at all in the last six months – even if they only picked it up briefly at a friend’s house.

If we then want to see how much it is being played, we look at the Monthly Eyeball Hours chart and note that over the last eighteen months the rate of play has been rising to almost 60m eyeball hours per month.

If we look at how these hours break down we see that men represent an even larger profile of time spent playing than the overall profile of players of the game. This means that males are playing the game for longer periods than females. Out of the 60m eyeball hours 88 per cent (over 50m eyeball hours) are by males.

But what console are they playing on? If you now look at the Platform Used To Play chart you see that 48 per cent of the reported play of Gran Turismo is still on a PlayStation 2. For certain classic games the retention of the old console is still a reality in many European households/bedrooms.

If this way of looking at brands interests you, why not download the free sample from the MCV Reports site?You can find this

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