Brand Map: Just Dance

Ubisoft’s Just Dance for Wii was the surprise big hit of 2009. Now the series expands to the Xbox 360 and PS3 platforms with Just Dance 3.

Could Just Dance 3 be the biggest game in the series yet?

This week we’re going to look at the Just Dance series using the GameVision Brand Map you can buy direct from the MCV Reports page on the website.

We asked 4,378 gamers about the game, of whom 662 had played it in the last six months; 328 of these told us about their experience of Just Dance in more detail.

Just Dance is played by gamers of all ages but it is particularly popular with younger gamers with 47 per cent of players under the age of 19. The game also has more females playing than males (53 per cent are female). 2009’s Just Dance is still being played as much as the sequel, with 50 per cent playing the original title and 50 per cent playing the sequel.

So what makes the game so popular? ‘It makes me laugh’ is the dominant motivation for playing with 64 per cent choosing this motivation. Other key gameplay motivations include ‘playing with people’ (28 per cent), ‘being creative’ (17 per cent) and ‘developing abilities outside gaming’ (15 per cent).

Just Dance is all about creating a party and entertaining people and that’s what has attracted millions of gamers to the brand. The latest iteration expands to a potentially wider audience with the Xbox 360 and Wii versions out now, and the PS3 version due December 9th. Just Dance Kids is out for 360, PS3 and Wii on November 4th. With further monetisation available through downloadable content, Ubisoft looks set for another hit with Just Dance 3.

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