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Need for Speed: The Run hits stores in November and this time things are a little different for the franchise. We take a look at gamers’ playing patterns.

Quick time events have been added to The Run to provide out-of-car action. And this week we’re looking at Need for Speed using the Brand Map you can buy direct from the MCV Reports page.

GameVision asked 6,734 gamers about Need for Speed, of whom 1,655 had played the game in the last six months; 529 of these told us about their experience of Need for Speed in more detail.

Need for Speed players were asked what they enjoy most about the game. The dominating motivation for play was the speed and concentration needed to play the game well”, with 55 per cent choosing this. This is considerably stronger than that seen for the average game. But are players looking for an out-of-car narrative element in Need for Speed?

A third of players are attracted to the fantasy/escapism aspect of racing which is more than that seen for the average game. Also, learning the tricks and skills” is an equally appealing motivation. However, involvement in story” has not been considered an important part of Need for Speed with only 11 per cent choosing this.

The out-of-car events in Need for Speed: The Run will certainly make the game more unique in a crowded genre. Plus, these quick time events require concentration and fast play. Essentially, Need for Speed: The Run is catering for all the key motivations driving earlier games in the series, but varying the way these skills have to be applied in game.

The core driver for Need for Speed is ‘speed’. If this is retained alongside seamless integration of action-based cut scenes, it could lead to a new type of racing game.

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