British band’s Rocksmith trademark dispute unresolved

Ubisoft’s take on the Guitar Hero formula has suffered a further delay to its European release.

The publisher’s latest release schedule states Rocksmith will arrive in the UK and Europe on September 14th, but could slip again if Ubi is unable to resolve a trademark dispute.

Kris Ford, percussionist in a British band named Rocksmith, claims to own the trademark on the name, according to Eurogamer. He has been disputing this with Ubisoft since October, and reports that no progress has been made.

"No agreement or deal has been reached and no meaningful dialogue engaged," said Ford.

"With the OHIM proceedings over the disputed trademark set to last for at least another two to three months, it’s a bit presumptive to say the least, as to the outcome of that process and decision."

Ubisoft issued a statement to Eurogamer, stating that the publisher remains hopeful of resolving the issue and bringing the game to the UK.

"We confirm that there is a band based in the United Kingdom that uses the claims trademark rights on the name Rocksmith and that has filed a complaint regarding our request to trademark the name for a video game," the company told Eurogamer.

"The issue is now with the trademark office and we will respect their handling of the issue and have responded, as required, via the trademark office.

"We are looking forward to bringing Rocksmith, which has already seen success in North America, to a European audience."

Rocksmith is already available in the US for Xbox 360 and PS3. Rather than relying on plastic instruments like Guitar Hero and Rock Band, the game allows users to play songs using a real guitar.

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