Lost in Babel tops 36-hour competition entered by 20 educational institutions

Brunel University wins biggest-ever UK student game jam

A team from Brunel University have walked away the winners of this year’s UKIE Student Game Jam.

20 teams from institutions including the NFTS, Westminster University, Nescot College, West College Scotland and Norwich University of the Arts entered the 36-hour contest, making it the UK’s biggest student game jam to date.

Brunel’s winning title, Lost in Babel, also picked up a second accolade after being voted the most accessible entry in the competition. Other judging factors included concept, playability, narrative and creativity.

Alpaca Punch Studios, based out of Chester University, came in second place. Meanwhile, University of East London mentor Mike Barwise was presented with the trophy for Mentor of the Universe.

The overall theme for this year’s jam – UKIE’s third such annual competition – was ‘utopia’. Brunel’s victory saw it best two-time consecutive winners Goldsmiths University.

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