Brutal Sega ads banned

The UK’s Advertising Standards Agency has outlawed two ‘brutal’ and ‘realistic’ Sega TV adverts for Condemned 2.

The watchdog received just nine complaints over the duo of ads, with three people recommending that the ads were ‘inappropriate for broadcast at any time’.

The ads appeared in post-9pm and post-11pm slots respectively. The longer, post-11pm version showed three punches from a first person perspective, with a hooded figure holding a brick aloft then bringing it down towards the camera.

The ASA concluded: ‘… the ads contained scenes of graphic and brutal violence which, although computer-generated, were realistic in appearance.

‘We noted in particular that both ads showed a man punching another on the floor and blood splattering on the screen as a man was beaten with a club and considered viewers were likely to find those scenes offensive and distressing and to see them as condoning real violence and cruelty.’

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