Bungie game ‘key’ to Activisions growth

We might not know what game Bungie is working on, but Activision says it will be one of its key long-term revenue drivers.

In an investor call Activision Publishing CEO Eric Hirshberg talked up the game which isn’t scheduled to hit shelves until 2012.

This is one of our key strategic growth initiatives and we’re setting the stage for this product now,” he said.

Bungie is one of the world’s most gifted developers with one of the best track records in the industry. Although the title is not expected to launch this year, Bungie’s new universe represents tremendous long-term potential for Activision Publishing.”

The news comes after Activision announced 500 job losses across its business, disbanded its Guitar Hero IP and lifted the lid on an online-only Call of Duty.

Last year Bungie signed a ten-year deal with Activision following its publishing agreement with Microsoft to develop Halo games.

Microsoft’s in-house developer 343 Industries is now responsible for the Halo series going forwards.

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