Buzz dev: ‘Kinect is amazing’

The developer behind successful Sony series Buzz! has heaped praise on Microsoft’s Xbox 360 Kinect and expressed its interest in developing titles for the peripheral.

"Of course I’d consider any game for Kinect. And the reason is because Kinect is amazing," Relentless co-founder and executive director Andrew Eades told Eurogamer.

"The removal of the controller is a stroke of genius. People can actually have a go because they don’t feel intimidated by this weird DualShock controller or the Xbox controller. It’s the exact right technology for now.

"The Kinect audience that Microsoft is going after is exactly the audience that we’ve spoken about forever. Since we started we’ve said we make games for everyone and that’s exactly what Kinect is about, making gaming available to anybody.

"It’s given our sector a new lease of life. We’d be mad to not look into Kinect and what we can do."

As well as evangelising about Microsoft’s device, Eades also issued a not so thinly veiled note of caution for Sony’s Move controller.

"My only issue with Move is if it’s got enough numbers out there – whether it’s sold through to enough people to make it a platform that we could aim at," he confessed.

"We’re still not sure if Move is big enough yet for us. I hope it will be, because my dream scenario is not to be partisan in any of this, it’s to have available a bigger audience.

"The difference with Kinect is that it’s big enough from its first holiday, and growing, that you can take a punt on it. And my conversations with publishers are confirming that decision."

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