Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare hits digital snags on PS4 and Xbox One

Some users who chose to buy the latest Call of Duty via either PSN or XBL are experiencing problems getting the game up and running on their machines.

Reports of a problem first arose amongst PlayStation users who had pre-ordered and pre-loaded the game, with Sony acknowledging the issue and suggesting a couple of fixes.

The first involves restoring their licenses via the console’s menu. If that doesn’t work, however, more drastic steps are needed – namely deleting the game files and re-downloading the files. All 40GB of them, which is a bit of a blow to those who thought they had already pre-loaded the game ready for launch day.

Similar problems have also been reported with the Xbox One version, however, with the main complaint seemingly being that the game is taking an excessively long time to download.

Microsoft has said the issue is simply down to the high number of downloads the game is receiving and, as of this morning, says that the issues have been resolved.

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