‘Call of Duty Elite still has to prove itself’

Call of Duty Elite still needs to win over the customers it ‘pissed off’ last November, Activision says.

The online service for the hit FPS IP was bombarded with traffic when it went live alongside Modern Warfare 3 last year, and subsequently failed to work.

It took almost a month to get the service up and running again. Now Activision’s eager to win back the early adopters. Members will now receive 24 pieces of DLC rather than 20. Developer Beachhead has also been updating the service with new content.

We still have to prove ourselves,” Activision product director Noah Heller told MCV.

There’s a lot of people we pissed off all the way back to November, and we have to show them we are not going to let that happen again. But we have started fulfilling our promises and people are starting to get it is real value for money.”

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