Can Datel give new life to PSP?

Accessories firm Datel has added motion control to the PSP with new peripheral Tilt FX.

Datel has designed the sensor for racing, platform and puzzle gamers but is compatible with all previously released PSP games and snaps onto the side of the Sony handheld.

Sony’s PSP console has faced many challenges over the last few years, including falling sales and issues over piracy – but Datel remains confident the PSP was the right platform for its sensor.

The unit replaces the traditional directional pad and analogue stick gameplay with tilt control akin to the iPhone.

The firm will also make special profiles and added gameplay effects available for certain games including WipEout, Loco Roco, F1 2009 and Need for Speed. These can be downloaded from

Tilt FX features a high-resolution three axis sensor and is compatible with the PSP 1000, 2000 and 3000.

The sensor is available now with an RRP of 14.99.

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