New Develop feature explores the cityâ??s growth prospects

Can London drive growth in the UK games industry?

While the UK game industry may have recently struggled to hold ground on an increasingly competitive global stage, a new Develop feature shows its Capital City is thriving.

London has become the birthplace of games such as Moshi Monters, SingStar, Bow Street Runner, Pet Society and Football Manager.

The firms behind some of these titles speak their minds on the capital in a new Develop feature.

“It’s where the culture and the talent is, and that’s what we care about,” says Margaret Robertson, former Edge editor and development director of Hide&Seek, which not only makes games for console, smartphone and browser, but also for playground and tabletop.

“It’s the place with the critical mass of people who understand the crossover of gaming and culture,” she adds.

“We don’t think there’s anywhere else in the world we could be doing quite what we’re doing here.”

The latest feature gets insight from the social start-up director Paulina Bozek, along with Simon Fenton, Rob Hendry, Alice Taylor, Michael Acton Smith, Ed Fear and Paul Croft.

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