Capcom downplays Resident Evil 6 on-disc DLC complaints

Modders have unearthed a host of hidden files on the Resident Evil 6 game disc that demonstrate the presence of future DLC on existing copies of the game.

They show that the game will at some point offer a new difficulty mode – No Hope – as well as additional costumes and animations for the multiplayer mode.

"We still have unannounced DLC for RE6 that will be revealed in the coming months,” a Capcom spokesperson told MCV.

While virtually all such content will not be on the disc there will be one piece of content, that for technical reasons, requires the use of a combination of newly downloaded data and data that is included on the retail game disc.”

In March of this year Capcom found itself trapped in a media whirlwind after it was discovered that much of its planned post-release DLC for Street Fighter X Tekken was sitting on the game disc consumers had already purchased.

The character information and files were intentionally included on retail versions of the PS3 and Xbox 360 game to save hard drive space and to ensure for a smooth transition when the DLC is available, allowing players who choose not to purchase the content the ability to play against players that did,” a Capcom spokesperson told MCV at the time.

However, by May Capcom had softened its stance, suggesting that the practise would likely be avoided in the future.

We would like to assure you that we have been listening to your comments and as such have begun the process of re-evaluating how such additional game content is delivered in the future,” Capcom’s corporate officer and senior VP Christian Svensson admitted.

As this process has only just commenced in the past month or so, there will be some titles, where development began some time ago and that are scheduled for release in the coming months, for which we are unable to make changes to the way some of their post release content is delivered.”

Marketeers would argue that in reality there’s no difference between on-disc DLC and downloadable DLC – the on-disc content would not be there were it not for planned revenue generated by the consumer payout, they say.

Others argue, however, that paying for post-release DLC such as GTA’s Lost and Damned is a world away from paying to access data on a disc that the consumer already rightfully owns.

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