Street Fighter studio seeks to outsource â??new products belonging to an existing series of gamesâ??

Capcom plans global development growth

A Capcom quarterly financial report has outlined plans for business growth in the fiscal year 2010, citing the studio’s desire to “update the model for alliances with overseas development companies”.

The firm lays out plans to expand international development efforts and deliver “high-quality products by having Capcom’s development teams work closely with alliance partners”.

Future projects for existing Capcom games series are pinpointed as the main bulk of work Capcom is hoping to outsource, seemingly implying that the Studio’s existing IP is being relocated from Japan.

The firm also cited plans to increase profits by shortening its development-to-launch cycle, "re-examining the use of personnel and making extensive use of outsourcing".

The report also observes the areas Capcom believed it had performed poorly in FY 2009, highlighting the “Poor sales of two new games: Bionic Commando and Dark Void” as evidence of “inadequate know-how about supervising outsourced operations and overly optimistic plans”.

This leads to the conclusion that “more rigorous oversight of overseas development” is a main strategic objective for Capcom in FY 2010.

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