Capcom: Reboot will be perfect DMC game

Capcom has promised it is working to make the perfect” Devil May Cry game in the upcoming reboot.

One of the company’s representatives posted on the game’s official forum, reassuring fans that the divisive new direction for the series will restore its former glories. He claimed this is largely due to the talent at Ninja Theory, the studio working on the game – an announcement made at TGS back in September.

The post reads: Ninja Theory [is] renowned for the quality of [its] production – everything from motion capture, scripting, design and performance – areas perhaps that Capcom [has] been criticised [for] over the past few years?

Capcom bring[s] to the table years of experience with design of fighting systems, characters and the little things that make Devil May Cry, well Devil May Cry. Combine all the best elements of Capcom and Ninja Theory, you will have one of the greatest DMC titles ever created… and that is what we’re working towards.

Let’s be honest [the previous games] were great (averaging in the low 80s on Metacritic) but not perfect. We’re now aiming to make the perfect DMC game that gets 90s.”

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