Capcom reports high pre-orders for new HD Resident Evil updates

Pre-orders for Capcom’s upcoming Resident Evil Origins Collection are well ahead of the publisher’s predictions.

The Xbox One, PS4 and PC compilation brings together the updated edition of Resident Evil HD – which launched digitally in January 2015 – with the upcoming remake of Resident Evil 0. It’s due on January 22nd, 2016.

Capcom says that the title’s early success points to the diversity in the current games market.

We are very happy regarding the Resident Evil Origins Collection pre-order numbers – they are performing above our expectations,” said marketing director Antoine Molant.

While most of the pre-order efforts on the publisher side are usually focused around new, triple-A releases, this confirms to us that ultimately it is mostly driven by players. If you have a game they want to play, regardless of the price point, whether it is a brand new game or a remaster, the players will create the demand.

"That illustrates again the current market diversity, and shows there is ground for success with all sorts of different offers, as long as you listen to your fan base.”

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