Capcom reveals digital-only PSP title

Following Sony’s revelation earlier this month that it is to release upcoming PSP sequel Patapon 2 in digital form only in North America, Capcom has now joined the party by announcing a non-UMD PSP title of its own.

GameSpot reports that Capcom will release 2D fighter Fate/Unlimited Codes on PSN later this year. It’s based on a 2008 arcade and PS2 outing and stems from interactive graphic novel Fate/Stay Night.

Whether or not the title would have received a boxed release in the West is open to debate – but if not, then would a digital-only future for the PSP allow publishers to be more brave with their publishing decisions?

Fate/Unlimited Codes will cost $29.99 in North America. There’s no word yet on whether the game will make it to Europe – be it in a box or over the digital tubes.

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